The beauty of marketing…

More and more consumers understand that various marketing strategies are purely business. Meaning, no real benefit to us….

And the beauty industry is no different. You only have to turn on the TV to see this, a big skincare company advertising the latest “miracle” ingredient. So choosing a product/ingredient that’s going to give you the results you want can sometimes be very difficult.

So my advice is… When looking for new products, ask questions. Just because a product contains an ingredient doesn’t always mean it’s going to work. As a lot of you may know!

So how much of that ingredient does that product contain, what form of the ingredient is it (not all vitamin A is created equal) the cost can also sometimes be confusing. A really expensive product doesn’t always mean it’s the best, however good quality ingredients will cost you a little more.

So if a product is really cheap then I’m sorry to say but it can’t really be that good…

And last but not least. Don’t follow trends. The latest product advertised might be great for some people, but might not be what you need. The epidermis is a complex organ and different skins need different products and ingredients in the order to function healthily.

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