Skin Peels

An alternative for skin renewal

Our skin peels contain powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts. These create a healthy change in the skin, resulting in a beautifully renewed complexion. Excellent results are achieved with minimal downtime.

pro peel

Skin peels are used to treat the following skin conditions:

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel & RP Peel

The DMK 6 layer peel & RP Peel is a resurfacing & skin remodelling procedure which aims to remove dead skin cells & instigate collagen development. Designed to improve the structural integrity of the skin & help revise skin back to a youthful, healthy state.
The solution is an exclusive blend of natural plant & fruit sugar acids, applied systematically in layers. The strength of the solution & number of layers is tailored to suit your skin colour, texture, sensitivity & condition. The procedure usually takes between 5 – 10 days & results will vary from person to person.

Treatment Pricing
(Excluding products)

Includes 2 applications of Peel solution & 2 DMK Enzyme Lift off