The key to smoother, softer, clearer skin

Microdermabrasion is for those seeking smooth, glowing skin with no ‘downtime’. The procedure is a wonderful alternative to chemical peels because it is not painful and does not require any pre-treatment or topical anesthesia.

Microdermabrasion uses the innovative Ultrapeel® Microdermabrasion system, designed in Italy. Very successful in Europe for years, it is suitable for all types of dermabrasion (levels 1, 2 and 3).

Microdermabrasion is a recommended procedure for the following:

  1. Lined, wrinkled and/or sun-damaged skin
  2. Dull, congested, thick and/or blemished skin
  3. Active acne
  4. Scarring
  5. Stretch marks

For those seeking safe, effective microdermabrasion, we can be relied upon to provide a sterile environment.

You have only one face – treat it right!


When your teeth need cleaning, you go to the dentist. When your carpets need cleaning, we vacuum them, when your car is dirty, it gets washed. What about your skin?

Daily use of sun block, moisturiser and makeup can easily clog the skin. Twice daily cleansing and regular exfoliation will definitely keep your skin topically cleaned, but what about deep inside the pores and follicles? If the skin was completely flat it would be fine just to scrub it but it´s not! The skin has pores and follicles that need to be regularly cleaned. Dirty, blocked skin is characterized by blackheads, congestion and blemishes. To vacuum the skin would be an ideal way to ensure the skin is deeply cleaned and decongested. We don´t sweep carpets we vacuum them, it´s the same with our skin. With pores and follicles we need to clean them out too. The MINIVAC Microhydrabrasion system will vacuum the skin to deeply clean it, cleaner than it´s ever been cleaned before! But what about washing it too?

The newest way to ensure that you have the cleanest possible skin treatment is with Microhydrabrasion. Microhydrabrasion is a system that exfoliates the skin with diamonds but simultaneous cleans the skin too. It´s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

To maximize the most effective treatment, the Microhydrabrasion uses a system of water & aloe vera. We use water to clean and aloe to provide contact cooling and instant soothing. Combination together, create a truly soothing, refreshing treatment. Microhydrabrasion makes aggressive microdermabrasion treatments a thing of the past!