Men’s Selection

All Charisma treatments and procedures are available for men too!

If you are a guy wanting great looking skin we are here to help. We all have skin and we think it’s fantastic for guys to look their best.

We can help you with any of the following:

  1. Overall Skin Health
  2. Pre and Post Surgical Care
  3. Permanent Hair Reduction
  4. Treating Skin Disorders
  5. Treating Anti-Aging

Manzyme Enzyme Facial – $180

DMK Enzyme Therapy.

Enzyme Therapy helps your own skin function optimally – the key to youthful, healthy skin. Help treat & prevent ingrown hairs from shaving, encourages new collagen & elastin formation. Revise texture of the skin helping with blackheads, antiaging, helps to refine facial lines. Keeps skin younger for longer.

IPL Hair Removal

Upper back $290
Toes $75
Shoulders $250
Middle brow $45
Full back $490
Full arm $450
Fore arm $340
Ears $70
Chest $290
Beard $230
Abdomen $290
Back of neck $90
Chest and abdomen $450
Full bottom $250
Back, neck and t shirt $570