I found Charisma Beauty Salon through a Scoopon, and have been pleasantly surprised at not only the results of diminishing cellulite from my body, but also the service at the Salon. I used to go to a Salon in Mandurah for the same treatment. Their machines were just like ‘warm irons’ compared to yours.

The Spa service at Mandurah made me feel  like I was an ‘inconvenience’ and when I reminded them I am a full paying customer and perhaps my hard earned cash was paying for their wages, I was laughed at, so therefore went on the search for another.

Thank you very much for making me feel better about coming to your salon. I no longer dread going along to long faces, being penalised by time taken off my session if I was 5 minutes late and/or cynicism.

The Treatments have been astonishing because of the fact that Your Active PPC Cream which I put onto my legs and arms after a session, has actually removed all the cellulite in my upper arms…..I find this amazing as my condition is hereditary and was stubborn to move. I find my body needs an awful LOT of water after a session or when I wake up in the morning.

How this was achieved was by following instructions given by my consultant, rub on, massage the area and then wrap in cling film, and sleep like this all night – I am intending doing this during WA winter months, as it is very Hot to sleep on.

I am very happy to advise women in the region of 50 years or upwards, that this ACTUALLY Works!

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