Dr Marko Lambasa MBBS graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1988.  After spending four years at Royal Perth Hospital, then another 12 in general practice and industrial occupational medicine, Dr Lambasa decided on a career change.

Having always been interested in ‘the fountain of youth’, Dr Lambasa began his study in cosmetic and laser medicine in 2004. In 2005, after a year of training and mentoring under some of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians, he commenced full-time practice as a qualified cosmetic and laser physician.

To ensure that his skills are always up to date, Dr Lambasa undertakes regular, ongoing training with the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia, through their accredited Continuing Medical Education Program.

Dr Lambasa’s special interest is total facial rejuvenation – he aims to create for his patients a fresher, more youthful appearance while maintaining a very natural look.

His preferred products include Botox, Juvaderm Ultra, Juvaderm Ultra Plus and Sculptra. With these he can soften wrinkles and furrows and reduce shadows in and around the eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and lips by restoring volume and fullness.

Cosmetic services by Dr Lambasa are available by appointment only.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

You stress. You squint into the harsh sun. You concentrate. And, over time, those expressions leave their mark on your face, making you look older, tired or just plain stressed. Now, though, a simple, non-surgical wrinkle-relaxing procedure can dramatically reduce even your toughest wrinkles within days. It’s up to you — you can live with wrinkles or choose to do away with them easily. With a few simple injections over the course of about 10 minutes, this treatment effectively relaxes the muscle tissue in the face, limiting its pull on the skin’s surface and smoothing out wrinkles around and between the eyes and up into the forehead.

Dermal fillers

If you want to enhance your looks with completely natural substances that achieve visible, long-lasting aesthetic results, then dermal fillers are for you.

Whether it’s more defined facial contours, fuller lips or the smoothing of lines on the face that you seek, dermal fillers bring out the best in you, instantly and naturally. What’s more, dermal fillers allow flexibility — you can choose to have a single treatment (on your lips, for example) or have your lips treated and lines smoothed out all at the same time. Dermal fillers degrade over time, giving you the freedom to do what you choose. That’s their beauty —  you are always in control of your looks.