Hydrated Skin

DMK Journal

Skincare trends come and go, and it seems every year brings with it some new hero ingredient that finds its way into every hyped product. One inevitability, however, is having to stock up on new skincare products for each season. For autumn, this means treating your skin kindly as the weather starts to cool down and switching up your daily regime to include products that can protect against any damage the cold air may cause. 

To combat seasonal dry skin, there are four core areas to focus on. Firstly, moisture – as the air gets drier, so does your skin, so it’s important to lock in moisture and replenish the skin on your face. Secondly, there’s retaining a bright and even skin tone, despite the harsh environmental elements. Next up replacing dull skin with a sun-kissed glow despite the lack of real sunshine. Finally, full hydration, so your skin is genuinely quenched and plump, ready to battle dry and cooler weather. 

From ultra-hydrating moisturiser to brightening creams and moisture replenishing serums, one thing is always in – hydrated skin! For supreme hydration, our favourite products are Seba-E oil, Herb & Mineral Mist, Hydrating Masque and Hydroloc. A good oil, in combination with the transepidermal delivery spray, ensures your skin is receiving moisture right through the epidermis. Lock it in with the velvety smooth Hydroloc creme to stop it from drying out. And of course, do a masque weekly to bring out that plumping moisture-filled glow!

For brightening, we can’t go past DMK’s Super Bright. Used on alternating evenings with Revitosin this mildly exfoliating and brightening pigment combo works to remove sun-damaged skin and dark spots – used in conjunction with DMK’s resurfacing treatments, you won’t recognize the glowing complexion looking back at you after this full skin makeover. 

Don’t let the sparkle in your personality be hidden by dull or dry skin. Hydrated skin is available to everyone with the correct skincare regime. Talk to a DMK Skin Technician for help to glow this autumn.

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