In addition to permanent hair reduction solutions we also offer waxing services that are virtually pain free. Experience the new generation of hot and strip waxing. Waxes containing coconut oil and titanium dioxide technology provide you with a virtually pain free wax and can remove hairs as short as 1mm. Exceptional for the most delicate areas!

Waxing is a temporary hair removal, it grows back from 2-4 weeks and it is recommended to book your visits in advance.  For Permanent hair reduction (man and woman) see more detail under our IPL page.

For Hygiene Reasons we never re-use our wax. We only use the best quality strip, hot and roll on wax.

Body waxing

Under arm $21
Top leg $40
Top leg and bikini $56
Stomach $20
Inner thigh and bikini $43
Inner thigh $25

Full leg $50
Full leg + g string $75
Full leg +braz $91
Full arm $36
Full leg + bikni $65
¾ Leg wax $41

¾ leg wax +bikni $51
¾ arm wax $32
½ leg +g string $61
½  leg + braz $80
½ leg + bikni $46
½ arm $26

Bikini waxing

Standard $25
G-string $35
Full bikini $60
1st time full bikini $75