This proven technology delivers complete and beautiful results. Unique technology produces only the optimum spectrum of light for hair removal and skin rejuvenation, so you can experience a more comfortable and effective treatment. Just a few super-fast and pain free treatments are all that is required to produce long lasting results.

Our treatment goes beyond traditional procedures and major surgeries to perform skin improvement treatments such as sun damage, acne, age spots, diffuse redness, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, tread veins and wrinkles.

When having IPL photo rejuvenation or pigmentation treatments we recommend for faster, longer lasting results having a Microdermabrasion prior to your treatment. This will resurface the skin allowing deeper penetration of the IPL light.

Omnilux is also advised to have prior to an IPL treatment to stimulate the cellular activity of the skin and start the healing process.


Sides of face $110
Toes $75
Upper lip $60
Under arm $120
Snail trail $65
Mid back $150
Lower leg $320
Lip and chin $100
½ face $140
Full leg $580
Full bikini $190
Full arm $400
Extended chin $90
Extended bikini $165
Chin $60
Breast $90
Bikini line $120


Upper back $290
Toes $75
Shoulders $250
Middle brow $45
Full back $490
Full arm $450
Fore arm $340
Ears $70
Chest $290
Beard $230
Abdomen $290
Back of neck $90
Chest and abdomen $450
Full bottom $250
Back, neck and t shirt $570


Upper back $400
Sides of face $180
Neck $180
Full face $290
Full arm $390
Fore arm $220
Face and neck $290
Décolletage $180
Cheeks and nose $150
Back of hands $150