AHAs 101

For centuries, AHAs have been used to promote a more youthful, fresh looking complexion by people in many civilisations. Scribes and authors throughout history have documented the benefits of AHA’s. In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used Alpha Hydroxy Acids when she bathed in milk baths to soften her much admired skin! The women of the French Court of Louis XVI also used Alpha Hydroxy Acids when they rubbed wine on their skin to produce a softer, glowing complexion.

An AHA (also know as an alpha hydroxy acid) is a naturally occurring non-toxic acid that is derived from different fruits or foods. For example,
Lactic Acid (Sour Milk)
Glycolic Acid (Sugar Cane)
Malic Acid (Apples)
Citric Acid (Oranges/Lemons)

Natural Chemical Exfoliators

AHA’s work by loosening and dissolving the glue-like substance that binds skin cells together. The higher the percentage of AHA in a solution, the deeper through the skin’s levels the AHA’s will penetrate and the quicker the loosening of the skin cells will occur. This loosening process helps the skin cells to exfoliate the unwanted buildup of dead skin cells. Unlike mechanical exfoliation (scrubs), the skin is not damaged by abrasives or by the physical manipulation of the scrubbing process. Sensitive skin in particular cannot deal well with harsh scrubs and exfoliators. By ‘ungluing’ the skin at a much deeper level than cosmetic scrubs, they produce a deeper exfoliation process.

The AHA exfoliation process exposes fresher, newer skin cells giving the appearance of a fresher, more youthful looking skin. In addition, removing the top layer of the skin (epidermis) greatly improves the texture and coloration of the skin, unclogs pores.

True Moisturisers

AHAs are “true moisturisers”. Studies have documented that glycolic and lactic acid helps produce natural collagen and elastin in the skin’s cells. This leads to the promotion of a proper moisture balance after the exfoliation process has occurred by improving the skin’s natural ability to bind moisture and to produce its own natural moisturising factors within the skin.

The fact that AHAs work both superficially (on the surface) and on a cellular level (in the deeper layers, where the skin is growing) is what makes these little molecules so amazingly effective in the anti ageing process!

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